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Facebook is the biggest platform we use to help small businesses in Kansas City. What we do here is use Facebook ads to generate more customers, an email list, and of course more followers.


Linkedin is the social platform for business in its self. Great way to showcase your completed work and network with other business professionals. A lot of business comes from who you know and that is where Linkedin comes into play.


Twitter is a great platform as well almost more of a loud market. On Twitter most account users can post up to 8X a day. We like to use Twitter to see what posts we use get the most social feedback.


Google analytics and PPC are powerful tools to use when creating ads for your business. By looking at your competitors we can see what words they target to drive more leads to their business. We can use those same target words for your marketing strategy to bring business to your front door.


Instagram is one of my favorites. In a way it is like a Highlight real. Instagram is a great way to showcase your business. Using photos to bring your place to life.


Youtube is considered longform marketing. What that means is that there can be videos that are hours long which you most likely find on any other social media websites. What we can do here as well as Facebook we can create your brand story.